Gcex Launches First In The World Gold Dinar Backed NFT

October 13 04:20 2022
GCex is going to launch its own NFT backed by Gold Dinar in Q4 2022, following the successful launch of the first Shariah-compliant centralised exchange earlier this year.

TALLIN, Estonia – October 13, 2022 – Goldchainex (GCex) announced the launch of its first NFT backed by physical gold coins, aiming to set at least five world records within the NFT arena, including:

1. A first-of-its-kind NFT backed by a dedicated gold coin with a distinctive serial number.

2. This is the first NFT embedded with both sentimental and intrinsic value.

3. The first NFT to serve as a certificate of authenticity and ownership for a specific gold coin.

4. The first NFT aligned with the standard of gold dinars

5. It is the first NFT to combine two different asset classes into one, namely a digital NFT token and a physical gold coin.


The world record breaking NFT project of GCex is known as “The Return of the Gold Dinar.” This project commemorates the birth of the gold dinar more than 1,400 years ago in the Muslim World. Starting on the 2nd of November 2022, at 11:22:22 Estonian time, GCex’s NFT will be available for purchase on Opensea.io. A limited initial mint of only 1,000 XAUS-NFT units will be available on Opeansea.io. Holders of the NFT can ensure redeemability of their physical gold coins through GCB Trust (Sweden) who act as the trustee & custodians of the physical gold dinar coins.

XAUS NFT is backed by a physical gold coin of 22 carat purity of 23mm diameter and weighing 4.25 grams. This physical gold coin is embossed with the unique serial number of the XAUS NFT. In accordance with Islamic law, the International Halal Assurance Institute has granted XAUS a Certificate of Sharia Compliance (05-March-2022).

GCex affectionately refers to the XAUS-NFT launch as the “Return of the Dinar coin”, since the gold coins backing each XAUS-NFT correspond to ancient Islamic dinar coins. John Pellegrini, CEO of GCex, said, “The Gold Dinar launch will bring intrinsic value to NFTs that are currently valued solely on their sentimental value or utility. The XAUS-NFT delivers both sentimental and intrinsic value.”


It is intended that the floor price of the XAUS-NFT will be linked to the market price of physical gold. It is not like all other NFTs that can be zero-valued once sentimental value is no longer associated with it. XAUS NFT can be converted to XAUS tokens and then swapped to USDT at the prevailing gold price on GCex platform (www.earn.gcex.lt). Unlike any other gold coin, it can be redeemed and traded into any currency and country of the owner’s choice because of XAUS NFT intrinsic value and affordability


GoldChainex (www.gcex.lt) is part of the Tijarah Holdings, Ltd. group of companies that includes Darlitana UAB. Darlitana UAB operates a Lithuania regulated centralized digital asset exchange and GCex a decentralized digital asset exchange, allowing users to buy, sell or swap digital assets including GCS, XAUS, USDT, BUSD, USDC and ETH. Tijarah Holdings, Ltd. is currently developing the MAL blockchain technology that will benefit the unserved 1.9 billion Muslim population as well as non-Muslims, and discerning financial and government institutions. The MAL Blockchain is referred by THL as the catalytic development that has been missing link in wider adoption among the financial institutions, respective governments, and its agencies.

For more information, visit: https://nft.gcex.lt/

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