Helix Agency Is Giving Models a Voice in an Overly Male-Dominated Industry

October 13 08:31 2022
Helix Agency Is Giving Models a Voice in an Overly Male-Dominated Industry

Women in the modeling industry are all too familiar with how difficult it can be to be taken seriously. It’s an industry that is male-dominated and oftentimes, women are left feeling like they don’t have a voice. Helix Agency is working to actively change this status quo.

Helix is a full-service modeling agency that helps talent monetize their content on platforms like OnlyFans and FanSoda. They handle everything from messaging to scheduling to posting and pricing of content, so models can focus on just shooting the content. What sets Helix apart from other agencies is that they are primarily run by women. This gives other women a voice in the industry that may otherwise be drowned out.

“We work with our models to help them grow and produce the content they want to. We give them the platform and opportunity to succeed. We work with all types of models and talent. We don’t just work with one type or another. We believe that everyone has a story and we want to help them share it with the world. At Helix Agency, we believe that everyone has a story and we want to help them share it with the world,” the founders of Helix Agency shared.

In a world where anyone with a phone can be a model, it’s agencies like Helix that are shaking up the industry and changing the game. No longer are models beholden to strict contracts and unrealistic promises of becoming the “next big thing.”

The founders of Helix wanted to do things differently after they saw that other agencies were exploiting their talent. They decided to create their own agency that would be different. Helix doesn’t force its models into strict contracts or make them produce certain types of content. Instead, they allow them to be themselves and create the content that they feel best embodies them.

What sets Helix apart from other agencies is their focus on empowering their talent to be themselves. They don’t force them into producing certain types of content; instead, they just allow them to be themselves. This gives them the freedom to create content that they’re passionate about and that they know their fans will love. 

“We saw that other agencies were essentially robbing their talent by charging insanely high fees and underdelivering. The promise of being the “next big thing” is what kept the talent in these terrible contracts. We decided to do something about it and create our own,” the founders shared.

Just seeing other agencies in the space being successful while exploiting others prompted them to do better. Helix Agency wants to change the narrative and shake down stigmas that come with selling content online.

Helix Agency’s long term goal is to shake up the industry and show that anyone can monetize their content given the right background. They want to be a beacon of hope for those who may feel like they don’t have a chance in the industry. With a focus on empowering its models, Helix is quickly becoming the go-to agency for content creators. 

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