Irepell Next Generation Smart Home Animal & Insect Repeller To Protect The Home & Garden From Unwanted Enemies Is Ready For Order And Shipping

October 13 19:24 2022

IREPELL, a high-tech start-up based in Tyrol and manufacturer of the first smart home animal & insect repellant of its kind, today announced that its IREPELL 1st Edition is ready for shipment and can be ordered from their online store
With IREPELL drive away mice, rats, martens, mosquitoes, moths, ants, ticks or cockroaches extremely reliably and sustainably.



“We are thrilled to announce that IREPELL 1st Edition is ready for shipping,” said Christian Hochmuth, Chief Product Officer of IREPELL. “We spent several years developing this next generation of science based, effective and ultra-convenient smart animal & insect repellent solution. IREPELL has exceeded pilote series consumers’ expectations and is redefining how people deal with unwanted animals & insects in their home & garden, by delivering the ultimate in simplicity and letting people never worry about unwanted animals again.

Never worry about unwanted animals again, IREPELL is here.

IREPELL is the first smart home animal repellation system of its kind. Powered by 6 studio speakers, a super bright strobe light, motion sensors and AI -technology driven by  powerful microchips, it can control up to 16 different animal & insect repellers enabling highly effective protection in home and outdoor space.  The app-controlled technology allows users to control the system from anywhere and even use voice commands through Amazon and Google smart speakers. IREPELL works on the scientific basis of “principle of natural enemy” and expands upon all technology available on the market, by creating a 100% realistic imitation of natural enemies. 

Wasting time and nerves to repel unwanted animals is a thing of the past. That’s a promise.

Today’s consumers seek convenience, accessibility and ease-of use. IREPELL was created to give consumers an on-demand, permanent as well as mobile solution for repelling animals & insects like mosquitoes, martens, moths, ticks, mice and rats, cockroaches or ants in larger spaces. The IREPELL system repels tough mosquitoes including those that may transmit Encephalitis, Chikungunya, West Nile Virus, and Zika Virus and is able to save lives and protect the health of millions of people. Like no other smart animal repellent system IREPELL includes 6 studio speakers, emitting 0-200khz predator sound and the brightest stroboscope lights in the market, IREPELL provides convenience and ease-of-use by giving consumers an one-touch solution that can be used for repelling 16 different animals & insects and controlled from the app of their hand.


Since launching the pilot series earlier this year, IREPELL has earned hundreds of 5-star Reviews and positive feedback from their pilote series customers. 

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IREPELL is a high-tech start-up based in Tyrol. IREPELL designs, manufactures and markets smart animal- & insect repellants. Development, design as well as the production of the electronics, packaging, firmware and app is made in Austria. IREPELL’s multi-headed team consists of experts from various disciplines with more than 100 years of experience in the industry. IREPELL’s mission is to protect the home from unwanted animals with usage of the latest digital technology.

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