Gwella Goes International with Stronger Microdose Gummies in 2022

October 13 20:00 2022
Consumer Product of the Year Winner Announces Global Extra-Strength Option for Microdosing

Toronto, ON – In mid-October 2022, Gwella, a direct-to-consumer functional mushroom brand, is excited to announce the launch of its newest mushroom gummy. Mojo Microdose Gummies – Mojo Macro is an extra-strength version of the brand’s already popular regular-strength Mojo gummies. Gwella’s Mojo gummies offer a legal option for people to experience the benefits of microdosing: focus, energy, mental clarity, and feelings of positivity.

Growing Popularity

Touted as the world’s first legal microdose alternative, Gwella’s non-hallucinogenic gummies, Mojo Microdose gummies, quickly sold out during their 2021 release. In addition to receiving some excellent consumer reviews, Mojo also won Consumer Product of the Year during the 1st Annual Microdose Awards.

After a successful initial run, Gwella ramped up the production of its flagship product to meet a growing consumer base. In response to widespread international interest, the regular- and extra-strength Mojo gummies can now be shipped to customers worldwide, including the UK where consumer demand has been extremely high. Aside from a few countries with stricter restrictions on functional mushrooms, Mojo products are 100% legal.

Functional Ingredients

Mojo gummies are engineered with a stack of unique bioactives to stimulate the reported pharmacological benefits of microdosing psilocybin, without any of the legal worries.

Mojo uses proprietary Cordyceps that helps naturally boost mood, while the nootropics combined with Lion’s Mane help enhance focus and improve mental clarity. After taking Mojo gummies regularly, some users can decrease their daily caffeine intake without affecting their energy levels. The addition of ginseng and slow-releasing caffeine provide a non-jittery brain boost and a reduction in brain fog.

Microdosing magic mushrooms allow people to feel creative, clear-headed, and present. Gwella’s Mojo gummies help people explore the psychedelic world without the illegal components. According to Daniel Sanders, Gwella’s Chief Science Officer, Mojo’s “non-hallucinogenic, non-psychedelic formula leverages the adaptogenic and functional benefits of mushrooms to improve individual baselines across their health and productivity.”

The synergy of the active ingredients working together make the Mojo formula both safe and effective.

Short and Long-Term Benefits

As health and wellness continue to trend in a post-pandemic world, Mojo gummies serve as a legal microdose alternative that affords immediate and long-term wellness advantages. Gwella recommends taking no more than six gummies in a 12-hour period and alternating five days on and two days off if you plan on starting a routine.

In as little as a half-hour, users can experience a clean and consistent energy boost that mimics the flow state associated with microdosing for 5+ hours! For some, taking one Mojo gummy can increase focus, mental clarity, and calmness after the release period. Others may need to take more than one to experience their next level focus.

Long-term benefits, like improved mood and brain cognition, can occur when you take the gummies as part of a routine. Although Gwella doesn’t make medical claims since they haven’t conducted clinical trials yet, consumers have reported that taking Mojo gummies helps them get a midday pick-me-up, achieve better sleep and generally attain an improved mental state.

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