Luminous Aggregate Will Become The Most Attractive Aggregate Product In The Field Of Building Materials In The Future

October 13 17:42 2022
Luminous aggregate will become the most attractive aggregate product in the field of building materials in the future.

Luminous aggregate will become the most attractive aggregate product in the field of building materials in the future

Luminous aggregate

Luminous aggregate is divided into organic aggregate and inorganic aggregate


1. Add luster to the product and add mysterious luster in the dark

2. Customized according to different materials

3. The luminous effect is strong, and the luminous colors are yellow-green, blue-green, and sky-blue available in three colors

4. Add selling points for people’s products, and the market prospect is broad

Application fields:

Terrazzo, terrazzo brick, terrazzo floor, pavers,

Permeable brick, permeable floor

EPDM rubber runway, cement brick, cement paver, fluorescent runway, fluorescent sky star runway, various ground tiles,

Artificial marble, artificial marbles.

More fit for: courtyard footpath, garden path, park footpath, villa footpath, courtyard light brick, landscape footpath, home decoration terrazzo floor, living room bedroom terrazzo floor.

Overall Luminescent Wear-Resistant Luminous pavers enter the glow In the dark materials market

Overall luminous pavers without luminous aggregate

The brightness is comparable to that of the floor lamp. It can be purchased at one time and recycled permanently. It does not need power supply and has long-term environmental protection.

Characteristics of glaze grade luminous brick

1. Transparent and luminous, ultra-high brightness.

2. Wear resistance, skid resistance, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. Standard size (10x20cm etc) , direct use without cutting.

4. One time purchase and permanent recycling. The service life is 30 years.

5. It is suitable for outdoor villas, garden runways and floor lights with comparable brightness.

6. No power supply, environmental protection and long-term effect.

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