Breaking the Stigma Around Menopause: It’s Natural, So Why Don’t Women Talk About It?

October 14 06:12 2022
VoomVaya shares vital information about midlife women living with menopause in 2022

Despite being a natural part of a woman’s life, menopause remains to be a taboo subject – leaving women in the dark, feeling confused, frustrated, and, sometimes, misinformed.

According to a survey by VoomVaya, an American company that caters specifically to menopausal women, 1 in 4 women don’t even speak to their doctors about menopause. This is a surprising number, considering almost half of the world’s population will experience this change.

In line with the celebration of World Menopause Day on October 18, VoomVaya is committed to raise much-needed awareness for these under-served and often misunderstood members of the community.

Menopause is often associated with getting old and embarrassing complications like hot flashes, weight gain, and mood swings. However, there is not one universal experience of going through menopause, every woman’s experience of menopause is unique. VoomVaya reached out to 1,178 women aged between 45 and 65 living in the United States to hear their stories, needs, and concerns while living with menopause in 2022.

With the lack of discussion on menopause, many women shared how unprepared they were for the experience. Some struggled to figure out their symptoms, and reportedly, 26% of the women surveyed have never even discussed their symptoms of menopause with their doctor. Meanwhile, 28% of women who have consulted their doctors expressed that they did not feel understood and appropriately cared for. There were also frustrations around how to manage the symptoms, what treatments options are available, and how to get the right support.

“I wish I had knowledge beforehand. To have known what was happening to my body and possible solutions rather than just suffering through thinking I was crazy. I had no idea peri menopause was even a thing and could start so early. To alleviate that for others would be huge,” said one of the women who participated in VoomVaya’s survey.

There are more women like her in need of a voice or platform as they navigate through this phase of their lives. Menopause is a health concern that strikes almost half of the world’s population but is a largely neglected issue in media and health research. More must be done to change society’s perspective on menopause.

Together with millions of women across the state, VoomVaya continues to dream of a world where women no longer feel alone, embarrassed, or defeated by menopause. Younger women deserve to know what to expect, and women going through this transition should have the right kind of community to rally with them.

It’s time to spark more conversations about menopause. For more information about VoomVaya, visit

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VoomVaya is a women’s health brand that offers a range of nature-powered teas and supplements designed specifically for menopausal women. They are on a mission to raise awareness about menopause and change the stigma around it.

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