The network of excellence in dentistry ZAGA Centers reaches more than 50 members globally to serve dental patients and deliver fixed teeth in 24h.

October 14 07:37 2022

In 2019, a small group of dental surgeons led by Dr. Carlos Aparicio created the network of ZAGA Centers. This group of like-minded professionals aims to provide the best possible dental care to all patients needing it. Using all available scientifically-supported solutions, the ZAGA Centers can give edentulous patients fixed teeth in 24h. They also participate in patient information initiatives such as Smile24h, a patient portal with key information on full mouth rehabilitation.  Using their knowledge and experience, the members of the ZAGA Network provide the most complex dental procedures safely to the patients who need them.

The most advanced technology used is called “zygomatic implants.” They are long implants anchored in the malar bone when the patient has no teeth and no bone left in the mouth anymore. This situation appears in long-term edentulous patients or after failures of dental implants. 

Embracing that every human being is unique, the ZAGA Centers developed and perfectioned a method to adapt to each patient’s anatomy. The scientific results are outstanding, with more than 96% of success rate after five years (Sola Perez A, Pastorino D, Aparicio C, Pegueroles Neyra M, Khan RS, Wright S, Ucer C. Success Rates of Zygomatic Implants for the Rehabilitation of Severely Atrophic Maxilla: A Systematic Review. Dentistry Journal. 2022; 10(8):151).

Using reliable dental treatments, the network of ZAGA Centers regroups more than 50 certified members globally, including New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Barcelona, Tokyo, Dubai, and Singapore. Altogether, the 65 experts in advanced dental treatments work and research to serve every patient in a personalized manner.

The community applies strict inclusion criteria to become a member. The ZAGA network ensures an extremely high quality of care and ethics. Patients are well-informed and aware of the options to treat their dental disorders. Working with empathy is common to all certified Centers, and this helps meet the patient’s objectives. This includes function and aesthetics to recover the quality of life lost over the years. The final goal is to provide a treatment that will give each patient a smile back.

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