All eyes on KeeK (Ai) an interview with the founder Barak Jacques

October 14 04:23 2022
All eyes on KeeK (Ai) an interview with the founder Barak Jacques
Barak Jacques
An interview with the entrepreneur Barak Jacques about Keek (Ai)
What is KeeK Ai?

KeeK Ai is a new artificial intelligence startup quickly gaining buzz all over the net and under the radar. The startup was founded by Barak Jacques, who has a rich background in the business and entrepreneurship world and decided to dive into the fascinating artificial intelligence fast-growing industry. KeeK’s mission is to take advantage of the power of social media and give it back to marketers and individuals and to make artificial intelligence more accessible to businesses and developers.

To do this, KeeK offers a platform that allows digital marketing experts and individual influencers’ to develop and train their own AI models based on the knowledge the Ai gained from messing with the big social media platforms. KeeK is also willing to provide future tools for developers to build custom-made applications that use artificial intelligence to help people push their social accounts further.

So far, KeeK has been funded by the founders only, and a few offers from angels and investors have been declined as the founder’s attitude is “we’re rushing nowhere” and “we walk safely step by step.” KeeK Ai may be pretty new around, but many underground marketers in different forums are claiming the potential is huge and predicting its way to becoming a major player in the artificial intelligence space.

You have a history of entrepreneurship in various fields. Why artificial intelligence? “I think the answer is quite obvious, after using artificial intelligence in other projects I worked on, I discovered, like everyone else, the tremendous potential that this world of machine learning has to offer.” says Jacques.

And if artificial intelligence, why specifically in the field of social media?

“It got there from a real place of existing need. We work with dozens of digital marketers daily and have felt their frustration in regularly trying to create a method of managing digital assets in social networks. The algorithm on the various social networks has changed from end to end, and the power to create a digital presence has simply been completely taken away from marketers or influencers.”

Are you talking about the case of the Kardashian family and Instagram?

“Well, this is one example of many. But if you already mentioned it, this is an excellent example of the frustration that even celebrities with a large audience feel when they witness the frequent changes in the algorithm that harm their exposure to the public. In the end, it’s business.”

Where is the development of your software at this point?

“As I have mentioned before, we are in no rush. The software is currently in its early and experimental stages. Indeed, I can say that it shows absolutely good results, but it is not yet ripe for us as a final product.”

According to comments in closed marketing forums and groups, we felt a sense of disappointment by the fact that you do not allow access to the software to marketers. Why exactly? “I’m sorry people feel that way. The software is now in a very early beta version. Access has been given to several digital marketers with whom we have worked for a long time to overcome the faults, fix them, sharpen them, and release a product that is no less than excellent. I hope the wait, as long as it may take, will pay off in the end.”

Jacques has started businesses in various industries, but he believes that artificial intelligence is where the real potential for growth lies. He cites the example of a recent project his company worked on, which used AI to improve the accuracy of stock predictions.

The technology is still in its early stages, but Jacques is optimistic about its potential. He believes that AI will eventually be able to handle more complex tasks, such as identifying new business opportunities and making strategic decisions.

The team behind KeeK Ai

KeeK Ai is a powerful social media platform tool quickly gaining popularity among a few beta users. The team behind the scenes is just as interesting as the app itself. Barak Jacques, the founder, stands in the front, but his team of co-founders and developers are real experts who are passionate about their product and its potential to change the way people use social media and manage their online assets.

“We have a wonderful team of experts. Without them, none of this would have happened. When your team is full of talent and believes in the product with all its heart, it’s a great recipe for a successful product.”

The app has already been featured in major marketing forums, and the team is only getting started and working lowkey. With a strong vision and an innovative product, KeeK Ai is poised to take the social media world by storm.

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