Shawn Fair Chooses Dr. Tabatha Russell to Join Him on Stage for His Leadership Experience Tour

October 14 09:55 2022
Shawn Fair Chooses Dr. Tabatha Russell to Join Him on Stage for His Leadership Experience Tour

Transitioning from being a full-time employee to a CEO is no easy matter. Most people with any prior experience would simply flounder and fall flat on their faces. However, knowledge and experience are the greatest weapons anyone could ever possess in the business industry, and fortunately, Dr. Tabatha Russell has all of those in spades allowing her to master the process of going from employee to CEO with unfettered expertise. Seeing her gifted abilities to stand out in the industry, Shawn Fair has selected Dr. Tabatha Russell to be part of his roster of speakers featured in his Leadership Experience Tour.

First and foremost, Dr. Tabatha Russell is a wife, mother, and grandmother, but she is also an accomplished author, serial entrepreneur, and business coach. As a multifaceted woman, she has gained a firm grasp on the power of shifting one’s mindset to achieve the unimaginable. Since the inception of her illustrious business career, Dr. Russell has utilized her knowledge to establish several successful businesses that serve people to maximize their full potential.

Dr. Tabatha Russell is a tenured entrepreneur who knows full well all the stress that comes along with building a business without the proper knowledge. She understands that money can be a catalyst or a deterrent, both sides equally dependent on one’s beliefs, perspective, and habits. This is why mindset plays such an important role in business success. Learning how to manage one’s mindset is a skill that many esteemed entrepreneurs have mastered.

As a certified master life coach, Dr. Russell utilizes her breadth of knowledge and life experience to coach women on how to build their own six-figure businesses from scratch through her exclusive coaching academy, Inside Inspired Women LLC. She has devoted her life’s work to uplifting, inspiring, and empowering savvy business-minded women who lack confidence and guidance to harness their inner power. 

Dr. Tabatha Russell is adept at helping women navigate the cut throat world of business. She has built a pristine reputation in the industry by helping her clients level up their price points, create various streams of income, and expand their visions as they obtain the life of their dreams. “The only limitation is the boundaries of your mind. Otherwise, everything to be accomplished is fair game once you put your mind to it. Knowing this, we must be consistent and intentional to obtain success,” said Dr. Russell.

Many women out there have brilliant business ideas but lack the business acumen to materialize their visions. Dr. Russell helps these women identify their purpose, build their brand, and take it to the next level. Equipped with a blueprint for success, Inside Inspired Women LLC has delivered positive results without fail by working with its beloved clients.

As an accomplished author, she published a book entitled “I Divorced My Money & Married My Mindset,” which crystallizes the very concepts she teaches to her clients. The book is available on Amazon, and many aspiring women have drawn inspiration from the very pages of Dr. Russell’s book.

“The time is now that we take the opportunity to invest in ourselves to build success and wealth, knowing that we will leave a rich legacy that will be a great example to the generations to come. We understand by helping the core person (women) of the family, we will enrich lives across the world and ultimately build better financial literacy for the generations to come,” passionately shared Dr. Tabatha Russell. 

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