Acquirell – A Reputed Corporate Procurement Platform Releasing Unique Products To The American Market With The Best Procurement Management Approaches

November 23 01:48 2022

The company is highly regarded for releasing new products to assist in improving procurement efficiency.

Acquirell is a reputed and well-known cloud-based procurement platform with a mission to empower small and medium businesses to get the best terms from suppliers and to take control of costs through transparent, automated interactions. For several years, this company has transformed costs into strategic advantages by obtaining the best terms from suppliers, gaining complete control over charges, and managing business processes. The company is proud to release unique products to the American market while conducting comprehensive research in e-procurement.

Acquirell Inc. was incorporated in Texas as a European parent company subsidiary in 2013. is SaaS with advanced functionality. With more than 15 years of experience developing custom software for e-auctions, e-procurement, and business process automation, it was founded by a team with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Acquirell has experienced and proficient employees, proving that the company can guarantee the quality of its products and services.

A successful procurement strategy means systemizing requirements, planning, and budget control. Acquirell has gained credibility for offering exceptional and unique products, including Supplier Relationship Management, E-procurement, Contract Lifecycle Management, Requisitions, E-sourcing, and Procurement Analytics to improve procurement efficiency. Over the years, the company has gained comprehensive experience in offering strategic procurement technologies suited to solutions tailored to small and mid-size businesses. By automating procurement processes, Acquirell ensures the order outlined in corporate regulations and procurement provisions is maintained and the company operates as set by management.

“We have released a unique product to the American market. Much work has been done in studying the need for e-procurement, and our product contains all the best procurement management approaches. You don’t have to take our word for it when you can see for yourself. Find out what Acquirell can do for your business. See how our corporate procurement system works and learn about its benefits for your company. Request a free, no-obligation demo,” says the owner of Acquirell.

A new E-Procurement tool is introduced to help meet strategic requirements and prepare for procurement. Several factors influence requisitions from departments and employees, including quantity and product list, the timeframe when the business needs goods and services, and localization of requirements. It is easier to combine requisitions from departments and employees, plan expenditures, and create POs for urgent purchases. With E-Procurement, dozens of minor conditions are consolidated and merged into bulk purchases, and spending plans can be planned for various timeframes for the company, departments, or employees individually.

In addition, regardless of how busy the contract and procurement department specialists may be, Supplier Relationship Management exists to provide information, references, and management at all times. SRM tools in Acquirell allow full interaction with suppliers and increase and update the contractor database. With this tool, onboarding is made as easy as possible during sourcing and importing business contacts into the system and checking for compliance with the company’s requirements for the quality and experience of goods and services.

“Acquirell SRM extends the Know Your Customer (KYC) principle to all suppliers. To control purchases and payments, you need to know more about your contractor than just their payment details and contact information. Each supplier’s performance is transparent and available for analysis. In just seconds, you can get information about the sourcing events the contractor participated in and attestations, bids, and awards in sourcing events, and then contact the contractor’s representative within the system, if necessary,” shares the company’s SRM expert.

With the Requisition, requirements are gathered, approved, and purchases are planned, as well as informative dashboards which control procurement, saving money. With this feature in Acquirell Procurement Management System, it is possible to shorten the path from assembling requirements to procurement; determine the requirements for departments and employees in a given timeframe; create procurement plans, and maintain a balance between the budget and business needs.

Moreover, the company’s other highly affected product, Contract Lifecycle Management, allows it to digitize contract management from creating a contract to working with it in the archive. As well as data search options, unlimited storage, history saving, and convenient archiving, the tool also offers automated handling of key events. Besides making it easier to monitor the fulfillment of obligations of the company and contractors, Contract Lifecycle Management includes end-to-end analytical tools, providing numerous benefits, such as assessing the intensity and quality of contract management, monitoring the “signal flow” speed from contracting to closing, identifying problem contractors, and making strategic decisions about improvements and changes to contract management.

“In Acquirell, each contract is an electronic document, a miniature information system, the starting point for both the strategic part of supplier engagement and tactical contract management. However, nothing prevents you from attaching a scanned copy to each contract — just like pictures of low-quality goods when initiating a violation procedure,” says a professional team member of Acquirell. “Learn more about how Contract Lifecycle Management tools can simplify and speed up contract work using a demo: schedule an introduction to Acquirell Contract Lifecycle Management.”

The system’s analytical tools are designed to assess the effectiveness of procurement processes. Users of all levels, from procurement department employees to top managers, will find the system’s analytical tools easy, intuitive, and highly informative. A standard set of KPIs is developed for the procurement department. Several pre-configured reports and dashboards provide a detailed picture of supplier performance, reliability, and delivery costs. The system can also calculate the procurement department’s integral ROI.

It is possible to get answers to important questions without involving programmers or hiring analysts, such as how sourcing executives minimize costs, how funds are spent throughout the organization, what spending trends are, how KPIs are achieved, which suppliers actively participate in procurement, and how many contracts are purchased.

The owner adds, “Small and medium-sized businesses are the primary beneficiaries of the Acquirell Corporate Procurement Management solution. The system provides many opportunities to improve procurement, which SMBs do not yet use. Acquirell combines best practices for transforming business processes — you get tools previously only available to large businesses. See how our corporate procurement system works and learn about its benefits for your company. Request a free, no-obligation demo.”

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About The Company: is a platform for automating corporate procurement processes, so corporate regulations and procurement provisions are maintained, and the company operates as management dictates. In Europe, the company was founded by 15 software developers with experience in e-auctions, e-procurement, and business process automation.

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