Roni Davis Champions Color Code Dating to Help People Systematically Navigate Romance

November 23 22:51 2022
Roni Davis Champions Color Code Dating to Help People Systematically Navigate Romance

Anyone who’s ever fallen in love or asked about love would say that love is perhaps one of the most complex emotions any human being could feel. Some even say that love could fill one’s world with every color there is, but with thousands of colors on the spectrum, doesn’t that make love even more complicated? Roni Davis has explored and dissected the complexities of love from her experience as a psychologist, certified life coach, hair stylist, and CEO of a non-profit organization called 501c3, where she met people from all walks of life. Having seen her fair share of romantic relationships and even experienced them herself, Roni came up with a solution–the Color Code Dating Method, a dating method that uses six colors to identify the natural energies one might feel when crossing paths with a potential mate.

The Color Code Dating Method aims to help people simplify the path to finding love and understand what they are looking for in a partner. The goal is to help everyone navigate their journeys and make lifetime relationships with a potential love interest. Using the colors black, red, blue, green, yellow, and orange, Roni is able to help her readers understand their feelings, whether they are in a stage of passion and intimacy if they are equipped for a long-distance relationship, if they could be trapped in the dreaded friend-zone and other diagnoses. 

Roni shared the Color Code Dating Method to the world through her book, How to be Single, where she also shared The Love Cycle, another method she championed to help readers explore the various stages they could be in their love life. The Love Cycle gives people a clear vision to identify where their current relationship stands and where it could potentially lead them. 

Having successfully shared her dating methods with the world, Roni was able to build a global community called the Pro Daters Society, where she coaches people with their dating life. The community operates within the principles of her dating methods and has established a set of dos and don’ts, almost acting as the Ten Commandments of the society.

“It has always been a natural desire for me to give everyone a little dose of hope and inspiration wherever they’re at in their life. As a creative person, I want to share something incredible with everyone who finds themselves experiencing a negative and chaotic dating life due to the lack of empathy in today’s world. I think it’s important that we humans are open to the process of connecting with others with whom we choose to share our time within a smooth and organic flow,” Roni shared. “I want to share this book with everyone who finds themselves confused or in a dilemma in the dating world, whether you’re in a relationship, divorced, dating, or courting,” she added. 

Roni is continuously finding ways to add more value to people’s lives, whether they are single, in a relationship, married, or divorced. Another one of her many contributions to enrich lives is her book Happily Single and Open for Love, which also teaches her dating methods and empowers people to make the most out of their dating experiences, thrill them with real-life dating stories, and even includes an interactive and fun dating workbook. 

Roni is also making waves on social media, building a strong following on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. By sharing short, interactive comedy videos around her dating methods on her platforms, the author is able to grow her online presence. In addition, Roni is on her way to releasing her debut single, “Mr. Persistence,” sharing that the song tells of a woman’s experience trying to avoid any sexual encounter with a very persistent guy. 

11/11/2022 was the official Launch Party and Book signing for “How to be Single”, Hosted by Actress and TV Personality Roxanne Dover, The event was sponsored by Everybody Eats Events,, LILY+MIEL, Tribe Unity, Crenshaw Entertainment, Icon Studios,  and Sean Write Mogul Productions LLC. The event took place in Hollywood Hills at a Celebrity’s Private Mansion. Attendees were given the opportunity to meet the Color Code Team as well as purchase a signed copy of Roni’s book at the event.

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