Kiersten Lee is launching a luxury clothing brand with Ascension in 2023 to raise mental health awareness

December 05 13:26 2022
Kiersten Lee is the SAP National Student-Athlete of the Year 2020 and wants to bring awareness to mental health in college athletes.

The National Student-Athlete of the year in 2020, Kiersten Lee, has announced that he is joining hands with a high-end athletic clothing brand “Ascension” and expects to launch his luxury clothing line in the winter of 2023. The brand’s mission is to bring awareness to the importance of mental health, especially in college athletes, and encourage them to stay active in their communities.

Kiersten is currently at Stanford University in California, pursuing a business degree. As a student-athlete in high school, he was one of the top linebacker recruits in the nation who led his team to both state and national titles. Due to an unfortunate injury, Kiersten missed his first two seasons of college football. Kiersten shared how the whole process of dealing with injury in a high-stress environment in addition to some personal issues that were out of his control caused him to fall into “a bad space”.  Around that same time, news got out of the tragic passing of his classmate and soccer star Katie Meyer. Following this, Kiersten decided to step away from the sport and focus on his declining mental health. He felt compelled to use his platform to advocate for the mental health of other college athletes since he understands how much the sport can take a toll on young men and women emotionally.

“ The mental health of all college athletes is of the utmost importance. I myself have battled with it, and virtually all of my peers in sports have battled at some capacity. Too often are college athletes viewed solely as entertainment and treated as expendable. The pressures we feel from the outside world are mere in comparison to the pressure that we put on ourselves day in and day out.  At the end of the day we are all human, and we must do what it takes as a society to try and relieve some of that pressure and equip our athletes with the proper tools and outlets to relieve those stresses .”

Kiersten is also involved in many community service activities and has volunteered as a mentor at Jesse Draper Boys & Girls Club during weekends in high school. He is still a mentor through Children’s Champions and a volunteer E-football coach for a local organization in Sunnyvale, California. 

“I do the volunteering because I understand the impact that someone like myself has on the youth. I want to be someone they can look up to and treat with love as I teach them the game of football to treat others with that same love and joy. Their smiles keep me going,” said Kiersten Lee when asked about his community involvement.

As far as his football career goes, it remains uncertain what the future may hold since his mentor and head coach David Shaw has just resigned from Stanford University. However, Kiersten is eager to return to the field and is optimistic that whatever situation arises will be the right one for him, and he will find his way to the perfect fit.

“As for football, I don’t know what the future holds, but I am content knowing that everything happens for a reason. And I know that at the end of the day, the man above is guiding me to the future meant for me,” he concluded.

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About Kiersten Lee

Kiersten Lee is a student-athlete currently attending Stanford University in California, pursuing a business degree. A top linebacker recruit in the nation coming out of high school, Kiersten suffered from an injury that prevented him from playing football, and he decided to step away from the sport to focus on his mental health. After the death of his classmate Katie Meyer, however, Kiersten felt compelled to focus his energy on becoming an advocate for mental health awareness. So, he has partnered with a high-end athletic clothing line called Ascension to support young athletes going through mental illness. Kiersten also volunteers as a mentor and football coach for many local schools and organizations as part of his giving back to the community.

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