New Book Helps Readers Identify the Most Important Relationships in Their Life and Be Intentional with Their Time

December 07 17:14 2022
New Book Helps Readers Identify the Most Important Relationships in Their Life and Be Intentional with Their Time
Main Cover of So, Who’s in Your Circle

Minneapolis – December 6th, 2022 – Mark Lacek, serial entrepreneur and “The Loyalty Guy” of Minneapolis has just released his debut book, So, Who’s In Your Circle?: You Know Over 600 People.  Find Your 25 Friends Who Matter Most, and the My-Circle of 25 App. Both encourage one to be more deliberate about who the people are in their lives. Lacek has created a model based on five Circles and a process by which one determines in which one’s friends reside. 

Lacek shares an important message that “Other than our families, there is nothing more important in our lives than our friends. The loyalty that really matters. Just be deliberate with whom you spend your time.” 

So, Who’s In Your Circle? explores the three keys of friendship which are trust, loyalty, and respect. Lacek teaches us how to use these keys to identify our real friends and the ones who it is time to let go. The My-Circle of 25 app acts as a simple tool to help organize and remain intentional with our personal relationships. 

Prior to writing the Circles book and creating the supporting free app, Lacek ran the frequent flier rewards program for Northwest Airlines, now Delta Skymiles. Additionally, Lacek went on to co-found two major agencies, The Lacek Group, now part of Ogilvy, and Denali, now part of ICF Next. Clients included American Express, Delta, Singapore Airlines, Starwood, Hyatt, National Car, and more. This initiative is his ninth start-up company.

Lacek has taken the skills he has used to help his clients find and keep their best customers to now help you identify and keep close the people who mean the most to you. His simple philosophy is to quit wasting your time on social media and instead build your own personal network using his app available at Lacek believes spending time with the people who really matter is good for one’s mental health and will bring more joy and fulfillment than almost anything else in life. 

So, do you know who’s in your circle? Readers can find out who should be in their Circles by reading the book, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and downloading the free app, which is available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. It might change your life. 


If someone asked you who your five best friends are, could you tell them? Or, have you ever thought about the 25 most important people in your life? Well, in So, Who’s in Your Circle? Lacek will clearly tell and show you the “why”, “how” and “what” it takes to create your own Circles and manage your most precious resource, your friends. The “who” is up to you. Build your own social network composed of only those you let in. It is that simple and even more important. Life is best with your best friends. Do this now!

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