The Real Truth By Dana Axelrod Get Over Darkness Get Off Drugs Go On Dreaming Deliver Yourself From Darkness Into Your Sunshine

December 07 23:07 2022
The Real Truth By Dana Axelrod Get Over Darkness Get Off Drugs Go On Dreaming Deliver Yourself From Darkness Into Your Sunshine

Dana started his road into addiction by experimenting with drugs and alcohol at the early age of 13. Dana states, “I became more involved with drugs and alcohol to ‘fit in’ with all the other loners and misfits”. By the age of 21, Dana was on a lifelong, dark descent as he spiraled downward into the bleak existence of alcohol and drug addiction.

Alcohol, drugs, and more drugs were the only priority in Dana’s everyday life. Regardless of Dana’s escalating consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs, Dana was able to work with Hollywood’s biggest stars on countless films, TV shows, commercials, and music videos. Dana continued to recklessly stumble his way to the top of the film business by joining the Director’s Guild of America. Eventually, Dana’s professional and personal life shattered down in a haze of OD’s, arrests, and family dysfunction.

Checking himself into ‘rehab, Dana understood the exact nature of his and other’s addictions, along with the reasons and behaviors behind all addictions. After ‘rehab’ Dana retired from the Director’s Guild of America after 25 years and says, “My addiction led to ‘Spiritual erosion, Emotional homicide, and Amputated my dreams.” In addition, Dana states, “Addiction robbed me of my goals, and refused to allow me to excel in my chosen profession.” On the set, my mind was always thinking of the next ‘dose’ or counting the hours until I could get drunk.” This was the beginning of Dana’s quest to understand all addictions by enrolling in college to become a certified Drug and Alcohol counselor.

Dana has gone on to be a positive influence and mentor to others. Dana has achieved global recognition while winning numerous awards in the Drug and Alcohol field. In 2017 and again in 2021, Dana won the prestigious ‘Residential Counselor of the Year’ awarded by the California State Assembly. In addition, Dana has won the ‘Healer of the Year’ award along with being recognized and rewarded by the Brother’s of Saint John of God resulting in a 10-day trip to Granada, Spain to ‘Follow in the Footsteps of St John of God’ the patron Saint of Hospitality.

Today, Dana motivates and inspires others to ‘pursue their dreams’. Dana currently lectures, counsels’ individuals, families, and groups on addiction, spirituality, and positive change from his locale in San Diego.

The Real Truth” is self published by Dana Axelrod.

Dated: November 30, 2022

ISBN: 979-8366369114

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