Martin Sherwood, the pen name of Motti Sharir: “An eye for murder” – a new English language edition of the fascinating book now on Amazon

January 31 18:12 2023
Martin Sherwood, the pen name of Motti Sharir: "An eye for murder" - a new English language edition of the fascinating book now on Amazon
Martin Sherwood, the pen name of Motti Sharir: “An eye for murder”
Billions of dollars are at stake and they will do whatever it takes to get them. A brilliant egocentric scientist is close to a breakthrough that will make cataract surgery unnecessary.

Professor Lucy Efron administers drops synthesized in her lab, which are secretly tested on elderly people, later found in the cemetery, their eyes mysteriously removed.

“Write about what you know” – this is the motto that accompanied Martin Sherwood throughout his extensive writing career, from which six books have already been published in different languages. Martin Sherwood is an ophthalmologist and has been researching glaucoma for almost 30 years (and still does not fully understand it, according to him), involved in important research with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, so the world described in the thriller, “An eye for murder”, is not foreign to him.

Professor Lucy Efron, a brilliant egocentric scientist is facing a medical breakthrough that will make eye surgery to remove cataracts unnecessary. In her laboratory, she concocts drops, which she pours on fresh eyes taken from people who have just passed away. Is this the reason why the death rate of the residents of a nursing home in Kentucky suddenly skyrocketed?

When she faces the successful conclusion of the experiment, and its results depend on only one test tube in which the great secret is hidden, she discovers that two owners of huge corporations in the pharmaceutical industry are fighting for its development. Both were once partners, childhood friends who founded separate empires and now they are at each other’s throats .They will stop at nothing to get their hands on the fateful test tube.

We at Contento Now had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Martin Sherwood in our digital television studio about the new English edition of the book that sold thousands of copies in Israel in its early version, and to ask about the moment when he fell in love with writing: “It was an unintentional moment, and it happened after 30 years of professional medical writing. The drive to write fiction has always been there.”

Two of the most meaningful moments in my childhood that directed me to a career in literature at the same time as medicine were 2 meetings: one, with the Nobel prize winner for literature from Israel, the late Shmuel Yossef Agnon, and the second, the journalist and media personality, the late Tommy Lapid, who accepted me as a young youth reporter in “Ma’ariv” newspaper. The meetings with both of them inspired me to grab the pen”.

When asked why he believes that his generation, born in 1955, has disappeared from public consciousness, he replied:

“Due to the Yom Kippur War. In 1973, when I volunteered at the hospital in Tel Aviv, I saw for the first time in my life a burnt man, a tanker, who I had to wash and he screamed – he looked like coal. I also saw dead people afterwards, and the silence was much worse than the screaming. I still think that silence is the strongest scream there is,” added Martin Sherwood, with excited eyes.”Writing, even thrillers, makes me feel that I preserve my generation. I still have to summon all my courage to write a book about the pain.”

Martin Sherwood, puts great emphasis on introducing the book’s readers to the appropriate atmosphere – “I hope you can smell the Lysol of the hospital when you read my stories”, Martin Sherwood, sends a message to his readers.

We spoke together with Netanel Semrik, publisher of Contento Now Publishing, about the experience of publishing with Motti Sharir, he stated that: “Motti Sharir is a sensitive author with meticulous attention to the smallest details, it is evident that the subject of medicine and suspense books is very close to his heart and that he believes in complete faith because through his stories real change can be made. This is an energetic frequency that we are very happy to deal with here at Contento.”

Martin Sherwood – a practicing ophthalmologist and a glaucoma researcher who authored numerous books and chapters in professional books on glaucoma topics, as well as more than fifty articles in peer-reviewed journals.

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