YCLUB to Launch First Web 3 Superyacht Booking & Sales Marketplace to Transform the Superyacht Industry

April 01 13:25 2023
Founded by internet veterans, e-commerce experts, and superyacht industry leaders, YCLUB’s Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace combines the best of Web 2 e-commerce with the speed, capabilities, and security of Web 3.

YCLUB.io, a Web3 crypto-based ecosystem for the superyacht industry, is launching the first component of its superyacht platform, the world’s first Web3 crypto-based 3D metaverse-powered Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace, on March 31, 2023. 

YCLUB is the world’s first superyacht industry ecosystem to fully integrate Web 3 technology, data-driven AI insights, and 3D/VR metaverse experiences throughout its eight vertically integrated business lines. YCLUB’s mission is to leverage technology to reimagine the experience of clientele and professionals in the superyacht space, to work for ocean conservation, and to build a vibrant, diverse community that benefits from the YCLUB economy together.

YCLUB’s Ecosystem

YCLUB’s ecosystem includes eight business lines in a vertically integrated structure that makes each unit more efficient, cost-effective, and smarter. Having all of these lines live in one ecosystem also makes YCLUB a superyacht industry hub.

Transforming the Superyacht Booking Process

YCLUB’s technology solutions resolve some of the pain points in superyacht booking, payments, and KYC. Currently, the superyacht booking process is complicated and tedious because it is not automated and lacks a live trip manager. The KYC process is manual, and payment rails are slow and costly. YCLUB’s Web 3 ecosystem introduces frictionless payments in crypto, a centralized, automated KYC process that never needs to be repeated, and a live Certified YCLUB Manager to support every step of the booking and sales processes. These are some of the innovations by YCLUB that will elevate the booking and sales experience for clientele and professionals in the superyacht space. 

Trip Builder and 3D VR/Metaverse Enriched Search

Another of YCLUB’s disruptions is its Trip Builder technology, which enriches and gamifies the search and booking process with 3D models of the superyachts, metaverse-based trip visualizations, and unlimited trip customizations. Trip Builder provides a fun, 3D VR/metaverse enriched, hassle-free charter booking experience.

YCLUB’s Co-founder, Denis Suka, aka “The Yacht Mogul,” emphasizes that “YCLUB’s mission is to build the most robust Web3-based superyacht community in the world.” The YCLUB Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace is a foundational first launch of the entire ecosystem that YCLUB is building.  

Visit YCLUB.io to learn more about the metaverse-enriched ecosystem set to transform the superyacht industry. 

For more in-depth information about YCLUB’s business lines, visit: decks.yclub.io/ecosystemdecks.yclub.io/chartersdecks.yclub.io/managerdecks.yclub.io/yclubverse

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