Arizona-based Thunderbird Advisors Group LLC announces its launch as a new consulting firm providing small businesses with growth accelerating services

May 16 19:30 2023

Phoenix, AZ – May 16, 2023 – Thunderbird Advisors Group LLC, a new consulting services firm based in Arizona, announced today its official launch. The firm offers a range of services including strategic planning, business development, marketing, operational improvement, and more to businesses of all sizes, though it specializes in early stage and growth phase organizations.

Thunderbird Advisors Group LLC is led by a team of experienced consultants who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. With a client-centric approach, the firm aims to help businesses achieve their goals by providing tailored solutions that are specifically designed to address their unique challenges.

“We’re excited to be launching Thunderbird Advisors Group LLC and look forward to helping small businesses throughout the country achieve their full growth potential,” said one of the firm’s co-founders and senior partner, Brad Kraay. “There is a tremendous need in the small business community for the knowledge and ability to scale organizations and to gain access to the largest consumer of services and goods in the world, the federal government.  It’s not the lack of ability that is the barrier of entry, it’s understanding how to navigate the federal contracting web and provide solutions to serve the mission.” He has spent the past decade helping several small businesses achieve rapid growth in the federal arena and is joined by fellow Thunderbird School of Global Management and Indiana University Kelley School of Management MBA, Brian Dunn, who brings a wealth of process and people improvement experience from some of the largest organizations in the world.

“We have talked for years about the obligation and opportunity we have to help.  Understanding the needs of the government to have access to quality small business industry partners in a world where that pool is shrinking as the dollars being spent are increasing creates a situation where we, along with others, need to make connections and create solutions to bridge the gap.  Educating and guiding small businesses, enabling them access into this market–it makes a difference.”

Thunderbird Advisors Group LLC is committed to providing its clients with the best possible service and support. The firm’s team works closely with its clients to understand their business needs and develop customized solutions that address their specific challenges, particularly in terms of growth.

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About Thunderbird Advisors Group LLC:

Thunderbird Advisors Group LLC is a consulting services firm based in Arizona that offers a range of services to businesses of all sizes. The firm’s consultants have a proven track record of success and are committed to providing their clients with the highest level of service and support.

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