Global Economist Jurist: Empowering Legal Professionals with Unparalleled Insights and Expertise

May 17 13:36 2023
This legal database is a comprehensive solution supported by real experiences of lawyers in all kinds of cases won in court

Global Economist & Jurist offers a wide variety of information and counsel related to the economy and law. It is a unique legal database developed from the experience of lots of lawyers and with the collaboration of thousands of partners and clients. Actually, it is a tool that can be really useful for practical application.

This is a comprehensive solution for your law firm, which puts at your disposal the real experiences of lawyers in all kinds of cases won in court. On its website, you can find a record of cases of different kinds (judicial, banking, etc.) in which their professionals have participated. It shows a brief explanation of such cases as well as the measures carried out to deal with them, with all the information about documentation, procedural strategy, allegations, briefs, or resolutions.

In addition, Global Economist & Jurist also proposes how to find current affairs of the topics they work about, such as housing, mortgages, interest rates, or consumers and workers’ rights so that users can find information that might solve some doubts they may have related to these issues.

‘Casos Reales’, Real Cases in English, is, in addition, a powerful and versatile legal database in which you can consult all the Jurisprudence, Legislation, forms, and demand models, resolutions, articles, and legal publications that offer you the possibility of consulting all the exclusive contents of Global Economist & Jurist. They also offer a subscription to more specific areas as well as a means to contact them in case you want to get some of their advice services.

In short, Global Economist & Jurist is a service where you can access to find answers to some questions that we may encounter in our daily life with which we cannot deal easily. A really good option for your office.

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