Noeul’s release of the global hit single “Love Geometry” sets the music industry abuzz and leads the trend

May 18 16:24 2023

Noeul, the renowned musician from Thailand, is thrilled to announce the global release of their highly anticipated new single, “Love Geometry.” As Noeul’s latest creative masterpiece, this single is set to lead a new wave of music trends, further solidifying Noeul’s position as an industry leader.

Drawing upon Noeul’s rich musical expertise, “Love Geometry” captivates listeners with its irresistible charm. The song combines Noeul’s unique artistic style and innovative elements, while maintaining a keen understanding of pop music, showcasing Noeul’s exceptional talent once again.


With its infectious melody, compelling rhythm, and heartfelt lyrics, “Love Geometry” fully displays Noeul’s diverse charm. By authentically expressing personal experiences and emotions, Noeul successfully touches the hearts of listeners, evoking inspiration.

As an acclaimed musician, Noeul’s single release will be accompanied by a series of captivating promotional activities and marketing strategies. Among them, the music video will be synchronized and showcased on the prominent TXS screen in New York City’s Times Square, generating immense excitement. This strategic move aims to reach a wide audience and attract the attention of over 100+ media outlets, who are expected to report on this thrilling event.


Noeul and their team are dedicated to the success of this release and look forward to celebrating this music extravaganza with the global media and fans. They warmly welcome media, music critics, and fans to actively engage and share in this exhilarating musical journey.

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About Noeul:

Noeul is a highly experienced and renowned musician with 10-15 years of rich music experience. Their unique creative style has earned global acclaim. Through constant innovation and breakthroughs, Noeul has carved out a distinct place in the music industry and emerged as a trendsetter.

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