CMEF 2023 Wraps Up: Digital Intelligence and High-Precision Are Now the Main Development Trends in the Medical Instrument Industry

May 31 17:43 2023

The 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF 2023) recently concluded in Shanghai, reaffirming its status as a world-class event and a leading indicator of development in the global medical instrument industry. More than 5,000 exhibitors from over 20 countries and regions participated in this year’s CMEF, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and solutions in fields such as medical wearable devices, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, big data, bionic robots, and cloud computing, demonstrating that the medical instrument industry is rapidly advancing towards a direction of digital intelligence and highprecision.

Undoubtedly, the medical instrument industry is developing rapidly towards a path of digital intelligence, and this was reflected in the exhibition at CMEF 2023. Smart hospitals, which have been increasingly sought-after in recent years, were prominent at the event. Exhibits such as smart drug dispensing machines, smart drug management, central drug provision systems, smart pharmacies, smart clinics, and smart logistics systems for hospitals attracted many audiences at the fair.

According to Haier Biomedical staff members, the company’s offerings at CMEF went beyond simple product displays and included a variety of comprehensive solutions for diagnosis and treatment scenarios. Among these solutions were fully automated dispensaries for smart hospitals, recreated smart blood scenarios in and around blood stations and hospitals, and plasma collection stations. Additionally, integrated smart public health solutions were showcased, covering areas such as vaccination and health management for children, mothers, and the elderly.

Mindray Medical set up three exclusive areas for life information and support, in vitro diagnostics, and medical imaging in their CMEF booth. The medical imaging exhibition area featured the Xingyun DigiEye 330/350 series, which can be linked with Ruiying Cloud++ to accommodate diverse clinical needs such as 5G telemedicine, image transmission, and community communication. In the in vitro diagnostics exhibition area, Mindray Medical showcased the CAL 7000 automatic blood analysis assembly line, which enables testing and high integration of multiple items in one blood tube, while ensuring standardization, information and safety management for all types of samples throughout the process, thus improving quality and efficiency and reducing the need for manual labor.

As digital intelligence consolidates its position as a core trend in the medical instrument industry, the application scenarios of smart medical devices continue to expand while their internal structures become increasingly intricate and their precision requirements become more exacting. At this year’s CMEF, precision processing companies showcased a series of high-standard, high-quality, and reliable solutions in response to the diverse technical needs of the medical instrument industry.

ZHAOWEI showcased their micro-gearboxes series and smart medical solutions at CMEF, drawing the attention of many visitors. According to ZAHOWEI staff members, the gearboxes series comprises of brush motors, brushless motors, stepper motors, and planetary gearboxes ranging from 3.4mm to 38mm. All aspects of the scheme design, structural design, and shape design of the gearboxes series are developed by ZHAOWEI ’s proprietary comprehensive design platform, which is protected by intellectual property rights. This enables ZHAOWEI to provide customized solutions that in line with the internal structure and precision requirements of various medical instruments across multiple fields, underscoring ZHAOWEI ’s commitment to healthcare innovation.

Empowered by the cutting-edge technologies such as AI, cloud computing, 5G, and IoT, traditional medical instruments are continuously being transformed and upgraded. The smart medical market is rapidly expanding, and digital intelligence and high-precision are now the primary development trends in the medical instrument industry. While CMEF offers a glimpse into recent medical technology advancements, the medical industry will continue to experience a revolution in the near future.

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