New book “God is Proven” by David Steineker is released, a unique exploration of scripture and science that reframes the nature of truth and prepares readers for judgment

May 31 19:04 2023
New book "God is Proven" by David Steineker is released, a unique exploration of scripture and science that reframes the nature of truth and prepares readers for judgment

“God is Proven” by David Steineker has been released worldwide. This 267-page work is a deep dive into misinterpretations that claim to understand truth, purpose, and judgment, providing a new perspective on the creation of the universe, the meaning of life, and the importance of love as a form of worship. 

Examining scripture, science, and human behaviors across time, Steineker uses metaphor, mathematics, and key Biblical passages to explain long-held beliefs in a new light. He shows that common interpretations of Genesis 1:1 are critically mistaken in separating God and Creation, and that such interpretations have led people to glorify work. This focus on works over truth and love has led people astray, causing them to unwittingly betray God’s purpose by seeking the approval and praise of Man. 

This book builds on the author’s previous work, The Greatest Commandment, and takes an interdisciplinary approach to exposing the human arrogance that has pulled people away from truth, the sin of self-deception, and the challenges that await the deceived at judgment. 

Among numerous other topics, The author outlines the fascinating paradox of infinite time, an infinite God, and the conflicting wording between Genesis 1:1 and John 3:16. He explores the stories of Abraham, Noah, Job, and beyond, as well as the history of chemistry, the message of Jesus, and the interwoven relationship among truth, love, divinity, and becoming a child of God. 

Drawing from many cited sources, scripture, and a background as a chemistry teacher, Steineker presents a thought-provoking, multifaceted view of the universe itself. With a detailed list of references and a reading group guide, he also prompts further discussion and deeper understanding of these ideas. This book covers broad ground, and connects each concept back to a central theme: God’s message of love is only comprehensible to those who accept the truth.

God is Proven (ISBN: 9781960142238) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $18.99, the hardcover retails for $24.99, and the ebook retails for $9.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.  

From the back cover:

God is Proven comes before Emmanuel. Genesis 1:1 promotes the Creator as being separate from Creation. Emmanuel does not mean Creation is with us. Jesus had to prove he is God. Jesus declared he is God when he said I am the truth. A God is a truth origin. Emmanuel means Creator is with us and that is in direct contradiction to Genesis 1:1. Nowhere in Genesis 1:1 does it mention Jesus being with the Creator and the reason today the Jews and Muslims do not accept Emmanuel. Even though God is Proven, it is still a belief for us because we are not a truth origin. If you are not a truth origin, then you must believe in the truth origin because it is not your own. All truth requires evidence and boundaries, otherwise it would change, so this book provides evidence for you to get prepared for judgment.

About the author:

David T. Steineker served in the U.S. Army as an 11c and received an Honorable Discharge. He is a University of Louisville graduate, awarded United States Patent No.: US 7,910,358 B1, founder of National Periodic Table Day, and has taught Chemistry for 27 years. He and Allison, his wife, live in Kentucky, with their four children. 

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