REAP Inc Journey Academy: Igniting the Next Wave of Leaders through Engaging Courses in Black Studies, Business, and Technology

June 01 01:42 2023
REAP Inc Journey Academy: Igniting the Next Wave of Leaders through Engaging Courses in Black Studies, Business, and Technology

With a long-standing commitment to uplifting resilient leaders who are empowered to achieve their dreams, REAP has been focusing on school communities with significant numbers of families in challenging economic circumstances and non-English speaking families. Children of these families face the most challenges in negotiating school and life. The Journey Academy is a unique opportunity for young people to expand their horizons and learn new skills that can help them achieve their goals. 

Journey Academy, the academy for the next wave of leaders, is thrilled to announce the reopening of its highly anticipated program. The first term started in fall of 2022, and will conclude on July 8, 2023. Following a successful run that saw 40 enthusiastic students actively engaged in the transformative courses, Journey Academy is ready to welcome a new cohort of young learners who are eager to explore the realms of knowledge and unlock their full potential. The commencement date for the upcoming term is set for October 14, 2023, heralding a new chapter of growth and discovery. 

Journey Academy’s engaging 6-week courses, focused on Black studies, business, and technology, provide a unique platform for youth aged 10-14 to connect, learn, and grow. As we gear up for the next phase of this amazing program, Journey Academy is excited to offer students the opportunity to expand their horizons, discover new subjects, and develop essential skills for their future success. 

The classes will be held every second and fourth Saturday of the month, from 10:00am to 2:00pm, starting from October 8th. Located at REAP Headquarters and virtually on zoom, Journey Academy has allocated 25 spaces for youth that are participating in person, with 15 spaces for Black studies, 5 spaces for Entrepreneurship, and 5 spaces for Computer Coding. But there is an unlimited amount of space for virtually meeting.  

Registrations are open now, and interested individuals can contact for further questions or inquiries. 

Journey Academy’s curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience tailored to the interests and needs of young learners. The courses offered are: 

Black Studies: In REAP’s Black Studies class, students embark on a journey of self-discovery and increased awareness of African and African American History. Through engaging conversations, activities, and projects, students gain a deeper understanding of their history and heritage. 

Entrepreneurship & Business: REAP’s Entrepreneurship & Business class empowers students to unleash their innovation and explore ways to create their own wealth, fostering self-sufficiency. Students develop essential skills for pursuing business ventures, including public speaking and networking, to establish connections with mentors, community members, and potential investors. 

Computer Coding: Journey Academy introduces students to the principles of programming, algorithms, logic, and language in its Computer Coding courses. By equipping students with coding skills, the academy ensures that the future leaders are fluent in the language of technology, enabling them to thrive in their communities. 

“We founded Journey Academy to provide educational opportunities beyond the confines of traditional schooling,” said Anderson DuBoise, Strategic Initiatives Manager at REAP Inc. “By offering courses on Black studies, business, and technology, we address the need for diverse and accessible educational resources. Our aim is to nurture the next wave of leaders and empower them to make a positive impact on their communities.” 

Journey Academy’s courses are structured in six-week terms, allowing students to register for one course per session and re-register for the subsequent session to continue their learning journey. The curriculum for each course is as follows: 

Black Studies 

Spring: Oregon Black History 

Fall: Black Inventors 

Winter: Harlem Renaissance

Computer Coding 

Spring: CSS Language 

Fall: JavaScript Language 

Winter: HTML Language

Business & Entrepreneurship 

Spring: Marketing Yourself 

Fall: Business Ideas 

Winter: Business Planning 

The application and selection process for the program is straightforward. Students can register online for each term to apply and secure their spot. 

Looking ahead, Journey Academy aims to expand its reach and impact by establishing direct connections with schools and their teachers, providing homework support and credit incentives for attendance. The academy also plans to extend its services beyond state borders, offering online classes to students worldwide. Additionally, Journey Academy envisions facilitating cross-cultural connections, enabling students from different countries, such as Mali, to participate and benefit from its courses.  

For more information about Journey Academy and to register for courses, please visit or contact   

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