Strategic Action Coach Dr. Bruce Parker Launches Game-Changing Book Titled “Strategic Profit Acceleration Secrets”

June 02 00:24 2023
Dr. Bruce Parker is a highly experienced chiropractic professional and strategic action coach focused on helping people elevate their businesses. Dr. Bruce has launched a book “Strategic Profit Acceleration Secrets”, outlining the tricks of the trade he learned and refined over the past decades.

“We were never schooled on how to operate the business that we are in,” says Dr. Bruce Parker, America’s top-rated business coach specializing in empowering chiropractic professionals and business owners. 

Before people can become licensed professionals in the chiropractic industry, they typically have to spend at least three years of undergraduate studies and three more years to obtain their doctorate. This leaves little spare time to learn how to launch, operate, and lead a successful business. 

Dr. Bruce Parker spent years studying with Dr. James W. Parker and later became a team teacher in 1992. Throughout his studies, he realized that many chiropractic clinics were small buildings that could only cater to the needs of a few patients at a time. He set his sights on learning the ins and outs of the business side of leading chiropractic firms, striving to make them more profitable and transform them into larger, more advanced facilities. 

Fast-forward to today, Dr. Bruce has created 13 chiropractic practices, transforming what used to be small businesses into thriving organizations that are making millions annually. He holds the key to chiropractic practice growth and is helping others unlock the true potential of their chiropractic practices. 

After he sold the practice he tended to personally, Bruce remained on board to serve maintenance patients and taught his students how to not only become better chiropractors but better business leaders as well. During his last year as the lead chiropractor in his old office, he was tending to 343 patients on average, even after committing not to accept new ones. 

Dr. Bruce Parker is internationally recognized as the “Strategic Action Coach” – a thought leader and an inspiration for chiropractic professionals across the globe who wish to expand their knowledge and uplift the practice profitability of their firms. 

Realizing that he can only have so many students at a single time, Dr. Bruce picked up the pen and began writing his words of wisdom. He has authored multiple books about elevating chiropractic practices into prospering businesses, and his latest work is called “Strategic Profit Acceleration Secrets”. 

More information about Dr. Bruce Parker is available on his official Facebook page

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