Echoes from a Time Passage, A Futuristic Fiction That Will Transport You To The Otherworld, A Remarkable Series Of Books By Susannah MacDonald

June 06 23:36 2023
Echoes from a Time Passage, A Futuristic Fiction That Will Transport You To The Otherworld, A Remarkable Series Of Books By Susannah MacDonald

Only some books have the capability to transport you to another realm or otherworld, and this book series by Susannah Macdonalds is here to do the same!

Echoes from a Time Passage is an excellent read that offers a look into the life of Markas, a son of an inter-plane diplomat who is obsessed with two things: dance and the image of a girl from Earth. 

When Markas’ sister vanished, and his father didn’t come home from one of his trips to Earth, everything began to unravel. At that point, Markas makes the risky decision to search for them by traveling to Earth via the dangerous Time Passages. However, when he meets April, a stunning and endearing dancer, his search for his family suddenly takes a 360-degree turn.

It is a remarkable story of time and space that allow some of its inhabitants to cross over to our world on Earth. Despite being totally fictional and imaginary, the author manages to keep and maintain every detail and emotion. A reader can see and feel the humor, intelligence, and efforts that all combine to display a magnificent story.

This tale of love, maturation, tenacity, discovery, and friendship spans the two worlds beautifully. The fact that the fictional character Markas is based on Susannah’s childhood imaginary friend, and the plot and the cast of characters are fresh and new—is fascinating and makes this read even more enjoyable.

You will be fascinated to be transported to a different world that, in some ways, is similar to our own and then to try to imagine what a person from that world would think of our planet—the feeling is truly magnificent.

Markas’s world is one of spirituality and art, and Susannah’s paintings of the characters and their realms beautifully depict it. Her writing is exquisite and sincere and will offer something great, a story that will live with you for ages even after putting down the book.

About the author:

Susannah MacDonald is a writer, poet, artist, illustrator, cartoonist, and art instructor. She resides in Takapuna, Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, with her husband, fellow artist Alan MacDonald. Susannah is particularly interested in mythology and alternative theologies. She also finds inspiration in the natural world, in all living things, large and small, and in the theory of plate tectonics, which she used to earn a degree in visual arts.

Book Name: Echoes from a Time Passage
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